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    Sean Murphy

    Writing things down helps you to keep projects on track and avoid revisiting the same discussions and decisions without new information. As you add folks to a project or team it also speeds their getting up to speed. Two suggestions:

    1. Save your notes in a private wiki that any of the team and see and edit. We use CentralDesktop but there are many good solutions out there. This allows you to link them easily to other notes and specification or issue lists. It also allows the agenda page for a meeting to be converted to the minutes/notes page during the meeting.

    2. When you make a decision write down the time frame and your expected outcomes. This is what Russell Ackoff refers to as a decision record and allows to set an explicit review point. Also, you can forgot why you made the decision or the outcome you were hoping for, this discipline actually helps you to learn faster.

    Bruce P. Henry

    Thanks for the mention of LiquidPlanner Matt!

    We too have FOMS Disease. We've been known to use our cell phones to take pictures of whiteboard discussions and then attach those photos to the tasks or projects in LiquidPlanner. Just in case... you know... we missed something.

    Execution has been one of my favorite books ever since I read it about 3 or 4 years ago. The thing that always resonated for me in the book was the focus on doing the simple (but not easy) things that build a culture of execution.

    Joel Gendelman

    Matt - Execution is a great book! You've spurred me to pull out of the bookcase...

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