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    Matt Hulett

    Jade -

    I care a lot about customer service and this sounds like an awful situation. I have fond memories of Harvard. They were one of Expedia's first business clients and I spent a lot of time visiting the university. I have not worked at Expedia for about three years. However, I will reach out to the exec team directly in hopes of getting your situation resolved.

    Jade D'alpoim Guedes

    Please do get in contact if you care at

    Terrible Customer Service at Expedia

    Dear Mr. Hulett,
    Do you care about how customers are treated at Expedia? I am a customer who was reserving a ticket for a conference we are organizing at Harvard University and called to inquire about making changes to the traveler's itinerary. I then found out that my ticket was not confirmed by Hainan airlines, I could not make changes(which was fine....) but now I am left with two participants in this conference who are very important professors without an airline ticket!!! I have spent a total of 10+ hours on the phone with agents of expedia all of whom have not been able to resolve this problem, and managers have not returned any of my calls.
    If there is anyway where this kind of treatment is OK in the world of business travel, I would like to know because I have never in all my years of travel had to waste such inordinate amounts of time, money and potentially our airline tickets following an inquiry about changing!!!!
    If you don't care about losing Harvard as a client, then please ignore this email, however if you do, pay attention to this case and give us some compensation for this mistake or I'll personally be organizing a campaign to make sure that no-one at this university uses your company again.

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