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    Even worse, Chase appears to have auctioned off the old WaMu toll-free numbers to the highest bidder. I got a new WaMu card about a month before the switch and it worked fine for a little while and then physically broke. When I called the toll free number on the back I got a dating hotline! Schmucks.

    Guy Bertram

    Friends don't let Friends use Chase Bank.


    I am also very disappointed with Chase since they've taken over WaMu. Chase customer service is terrible. I've had my WaMu card for years (since it was a Providian card!). I don't have late payments, and I don't carry large balances. First, Chase changed the payment due dates on both my and my husband's cards without any prior notice. They set it back over a week! So when I went to pay the bills for the month, they were already late, and Chase had collected their $39 apiece! The next month, every charge I tried to make, Chase declined because of "possible fraud." They called me, and I verified that all of the "suspicious" activity was indeed mine and there was no fraud. They said the card was OK to use again.

    That very evening, I tried to make a purchase, and it was again declined! I called to straighten it out, and the call center employee ("John" but obviously that was his "American name"—it seems that Chase outsources its customer service to a clearinghouse) told me they were missing vital personal information in their database. I "updated" my full name and birth date (um, this info. WAS in my profile when I was with Providian and then WaMu—did it disappear?).

    I asked what I needed to do to be able to use may card again. John said he had to ask me security questions based on my SSN (which he did NOT get from me); it was apparently already "in the system." He starts asking the multiple-choice questions based on the public record that we've all heard before—except none of these questions had to do with ME! Two questions in, I told John that these questions had nothing to do with me and asked him to verify they had my correct SSN, which he said he could not! I asked for a supervisor ("Liz") who told me I'd failed the security check (the questions) and thus my account was now locked under “fraud review” until a fraud specialist could determine that I wasn't an identity thief.

    I explained that perhaps, just perhaps, seeing as they had other info. missing/incorrect in my profile, that they had my SSN incorrect in the profile (maybe a sloppy data import from WaMu's database into Chase's?). I asked Liz to open my file and check my SSN to see if it was correct. She said she could not. Seriously?! She said, "You could be anyone who happens to know some info. about A----- H----- just saying the questions weren't about you. You failed the questions, so I can't verify you are who you say you are."

    Liz, you were missing my entire point that the QUESTIONS were perhaps based on flawed data (possible incorrect SSN in their system), and refusing to check the system because I had "failed" the questions (I said the questions weren't about me after I heard the second one—I did NOT answer them incorrectly) is the very definition of a Catch 22! All she could say was that the fraud specialist (read: ACTUAL Chase employee) would review my case and "get back to me" in "the next few days or so." Her demeanor was as if she was reading from a script and could care less. I suspect she'd have repeated the same phrases over and over even if I hung up the phone and left her speaking to silence. I told her to note my dissatisfaction in their system and to expedite my review (I am leaving the country on vacation, so I need access to my card!). Her response: "I'll note it." Thanks for the commitment to quality customer service there, Liz. I’m all for fraud protection, but my other credit card providers do just as good a job protecting my accounts with better (more “empowered” to check info. in the database!) service representatives while still managing to avoid the nonsensical, Catch 22, I-can’t-think-for-myself-so-I-just-repeat-my-script, frustrating customer “service.”

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