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    Rob Monster

    Provocative post Matt.

    So I like John Cook as much as the next guy, and I applaud his contribution to the Seattle's startup landscape. That said, my nomination for the "Simon Cowell of Seattle" award would have to go to Bill Bryant, who I also respect, in part because he is brutally honest, and -- more often than not -- RIGHT. Part of the reason why Idol has remained a viable franchise, is that Simon Cowell's instincts are usually right. He has developed really good instincts about what will work and what won't. This comes from living in the trenches, not just reporting on it. In other words, Simon Cowell is more than cranky. He is often right!

    As for your song selection, it is still good. I hear good things about Widgetbucks and look forward to trying it out on the Epik network soon. Keep racking up those hits.

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