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    Jim G

    You were borderline on Netbooks and Smartphones but gave yourself a "nailed it". Nowhere near 50% of mobile phones sold in 2009 were in the Smartphone category. Gartner thinks Smartphones might finally get to 33% in 2013.


    OK, Batman, let's not obscure reality here on the Ad Networks prediction. You know I love you, but let's be honest here. To say there are more ad networks is probably factually correct. But more importantly, 2009 saw a disturbing trend if you are an ad network and didn't have proprietary technology or proprietary differentiated inventory access: And that was, significant revenues were shifted and will continue to be shifted from ad networks to direct relationships. That, in the end, probably spells doom and gloom for the 343,457 new social media ad networks that were started over the past year.

    Rob Solomon

    Pure Genius! Can't wait to see 2010. Happy New Year

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