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    Nick Berry

    Ok Matt, how about some more predictions in the SmartPhone World. Will the Android tsunami overthrow iPhone from king of the hill for 2010? (a few too many metaphors in there).

    Motorola got them off to a good start with the droid, and the Google phone will sure to be a great success.

    And what about their market places? At what date do you think the Android market place will have more items to download than the Appstore?



    Good work on the 2009 predictions. Looking forward to seeing the results at the end of 2010.
    I have to agree that the Apple tablet will not be revolutionary, although it will be interesting to see the impact the device will have on social gaming.

    Davrick Liles

    I will add that the 4G market should take off even more. WiMax (ClearWire) will have an explosive year, with the support from Google, and Sprint. I look forward to see what ClearWire will do. We all better keep our eyes out for, I am curious to see what they will end up doing with this new platform (the g-speak spatial operating environment) once it reaches the consumer market.

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