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    Hi Matt,

    I agree with Jason and don't think SEO is dead. People around the world are searching for information every day using Google. It is still a good practice to implement SEO strategies to capitalize on those target traffic or visitors.

    Social media has also become more popular and is a great way for networking and marketing. Facebook and Twitter are no doubt two of the most popular social media platforms.

    It will be great if you can integrate SEO (for search engines) and social media into your overall business strategy.

    smart goals

    "As long as 'google' remains a verb, SEO will not die."

    I agree. Facebook, despite the billions of page views it gets, has a PPC click business that is barely a shadow of Google's. Facebook has to find a way to transition itself into being a search platform instead of solely a social platform.

    search engine optimization

    my posting environment versus Typepad? Think about how many businesses Facebook could elminiate or how many markets could they shrink?


    As long as 'google' remains a verb, SEO will not die.

    Me too. I think that all these new stuff like Facebook and social media are just part of the ever changing scene that is SEO.

    Steve Hirsch

    Well said, Jason.

    Jason Caruso

    Hello Matt,

    I hear a lot about SEO being dead, but I have to disagree with everyone. I think it's bs. I also don't believe social media sites like facebook are an effective marketing medium, and here's why. First off, it's not targeted, sure you can have a fan page, but have you ever purchased something from a business on facebook? I know I haven't. And yes it does connect people, but people that already know you not new business.

    If most people are like me, they will get sick of all the FB emails, and post updates, and farmsville junk.

    I don't know, I think it's not going to last as it refers to advertising and taking over SEO. Google's entire business revolves around search, I just don't think they will make it irrelevant.

    Also, every single post I see that talks about bookmarking and cookies being a way to determine what your search results will be, just doesn't make sense. This assumes that every person online has been here before and has searched that term.

    So in my view, as long as Google is here and new people are coming online, I can't see SEO every disappearing. Just my view.


    Jason Caruso

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