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    Kirby Winfield

    Makes sense - old folks have trouble with the 24-7-365 nature of year one startups. But i wonder what the average age is of the CEO who delivers the exit for the investors? o/u 35? I'll take the over.

    Matt Hulett

    Great comments. It was great timing for the Founder's Institute's survey. Very illuminating. Thanks for pointing it out - and I feel much better being an "older" entrepreneur.

    Alvin Mullins

    Juxtapose this with Founder institute's study of 2K founders and you will see the study by Lee and Conway is seriously flawed. It is experience older founders that typically lead to success in all levels of startups. Both anecdotally and statistically this is the case. the Lee and Conway study dealt with a seriously narrow band that precluded older founders therefore its not surprising they would come up with this finding.

    A similar finding would be that because smokers tend to spend more they are more affluent. No, they are more addicted not affluent.

    chuks onwuneme

    Did you see the Techcrunch article by Founder Institute founder, Adeo Ressi disproving this point about age? I think that's a must read if you haven't.

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