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    Matt Hulett

    Thank you for your comments everyone. Wilf- fantastic to hear from you. I miss talking to you. Hope Nike is going well.

    Wilf Russell

    Great post. My dad was in WWII, also a navigator, and as part of the Canadian military flew a number of bombing missions with the RAF. Shot down once with only minor injuries he was a fighter and back in the seat again before long. He didn't talk about it much as he lost his older brother (navy) to a U-boat.

    Not to make myself sound super old but my grandfather Wilfred (namesake) was in the Canadian Army in WWI. He lied about his age (as did many) to join at the age of 15. He was a great and gentle man.

    Many sacrifices by great people. I salute them all.

    Joel Gendelman

    Beautiful Post Matt. Thank you.


    This is a beautiful and thoughtful post.

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